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For the good of Humanity
...and rotten eggs...
In Mission City 
8th-May-2008 01:51 pm
NO shirt
The air was dry and hot outside, despite the night. Lights flashed and painted the walls in teasing, decadent displays...but that was up front.

The alleys were another story entirely. The alleys were dark and cluttered, dusty rather than slimy, with transients crouched in the darker shadows, nursing what ever bottle they had salvaged during the day. The alley...is where the unlikely trio found themselves.

Abe opened the door, catching it when it would have crashed into the wall, then glanced around. No one of import to ask questions it seemed. He waited until his companions were clear, then closed the door with a soft click "Red...I believe you can put the cow down now..."
23rd-May-2008 06:21 am (UTC)
Hellboy watched her until she stepped through a door then turned back to the table.

"That better not have been one of the phrases you taught him, Abe." He muttered about Hatsuharu's comment to the waitress.

Looking over his cards he tapped the table with a stone finger. "Hit me."

The Japanese exchange caught his attention and he glanced at Abe, "What's that about?"
23rd-May-2008 03:09 pm (UTC)
"It did not occur to me to teach Haru how to hit on women. I would have taught him finesse..." he pointed out easily to his friend. "Haru also encourages you to 'Go for it' in regards to well, let us call her the waitress instead of Liz yes?" he might have been teasing. Might, judging the small smirk on his lips.

He eyed his cards and signaled a hold at twenty, then turned back to his friend "And the men are generally rubbing each other the wrong way I believe, both being disparaging of each other and hopefully, that will be the end of it."

Of course, that was an optimistic statement given that the man in the cowboy hat continued to eye their underage companion with disdain, then answered "/If by 'awesome' you mean 'cheap'. I applaude you in realizing that gambling is an easier to way to pay the bills./"

Cue a fishman facepalming.
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