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Abraham (Abe) Sapien
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Abe is a unique individual in a department specializing in Unique. An aquatic humanoid, and only known one of his species, he posseses a "unique frontal lobe" that allows him many skills and abilities beyond human ken.

For example, he is a touch empath, a touch diagnostic, and a past reader. He also posesses a great deal of knowledge in the arcane and historical areas, can read several languages, included those reserved for secret societies and "lost languages", and has a voracious need to read. He has been known to perform emergency surgery and medical examinations, and is often trusted with paperwork of a sensitive nature.

It is unclear how old Abe is, or when he will die...though it is theorized that like many marine creatures, he will live as long as he wishes, or until something manages to kill him.

He is not a fighter, nor is violence in his nature. He is a researcher, an academic, a support...but he can go into dangerous situations. His instincts when faced with overwhelming odds are of course to run, call back up, and hide...and this has kept him alive through many serious miscalculation.

Abe is uniform light blue, with some redness along his gills and faint, darker markings upon his shoulders and back. His hands are webbed to the second knuckle, and though he possesses rudimentary lungs, he cannot survive overly long outside of water without a water rig, or Aqua-lung. His voice is soft and cultured, aside from an occasionally bubbling amongst the syllables, and he is an overall polite and charming fish.

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In the Wood
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-Character's name ~ Abe Sapien (or at current age, K'Abeligh (Abe))
-Canon ~ (pre) Hellboy
-A short description of the character ~ Abe at fifteen cycles is an incredibly curious individual. He comes from a lower-level blue family, blue skin caste being psionic and scientific minded. Most of his family has followed in his parent's wake as engineers, Abe though, is incredibly gifted. He has been accepted to the premier academy for scientific and arcane research as an apprentice (or tad, referring to tadpoles). He is among the youngest to receive this honor, and is, understandably, incredibly excited. He lives at the facility with other tads, regardless of skin caste, and does menial labor and chores in between studies.

He currently stands about three fins high (almost 4 feet), the webbing on his fingers and toes has not shrunken back to it's adult webs, nor has he fully outgrown his tail (yes, tail, much like a tadpole.) He can survive out of water for perhaps fifteen minutes without a breathing apparatus given his immature body. He has low level psionic abilities that will be developing, but they are all based around touch, and completely erratic at this stage in his life cycle.

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